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Horticerit universal fertilizer

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HortiCerit universal fertilizer is a special mixed compound granular NPK fertilizer with magnesium and sulfur (NPK (+MgO+s), 14-5-9 (+2, +6)) suitable for all crops, with the exception of strictly acidophilic plants.

Horticerit univerzalni 441x680


  • a chloride-free fertilizer also suitable for plants sensitive to chlorine (e.g. fruit trees, vines, currants, potatoes, tomatoes, tobacco, legumes, cucumber, onion)
  • the fertilizer contains two forms of nitrogen (the fast-acting nitrate form, and the slower-acting ammonium form)
  • magnesium content has significant effects on the intensity of photosynthesis and prevents the formation of chlorosis (leaf yellowing)

Intended use:

This fertilizer is suitable for all plants, with the exception of acidophilic plants, such as blueberries, conifers, heathers, rhododendrons and azaleas.


The dosage is specified in grams per m2 of area: and it is 60-80 for fruiting vegetables, 45-60 for ornamental plants, 75-90 for fruits, 60-80 for vines, and 75-95 for hops. For other dosage options, see www.raselina.cz.

Application time:

1/2 dose to be applied before sowing or planting or at the beginning of growing season; the remaining part is to be divided into 2 doses and applied during the growing season.

Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
8594019503192 3 kg 300 ks

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