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Horticerit fertilizer for conifers

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HortiCerit fertilizer for conifers is a special mixed compound granular NPK fertilizer (NPK (+MgO+s), 9-5-14 (+2, +7) with iron, which also includes added humic substances and is suitable for all types of conifers.

Horticerit jehlicnany 477x690


  • the composition of the fertilizer ensures optimal growth and gives conifers their characteristic color
  • magnesium content prevents needle rust and shedding and has significant effects on the intensity of photosynthesis
  • presence of humic substances has beneficial effects on the transportation of nutrients in the soil and ensures efficient use of nutrients by the plant
  • humic substances increase the resistance of plants to abiotic stress and have beneficial (comprehensive) effects on their growth, vigor and health

Intended use:

The fertilizer is suitable for all types of conifers.


40–70 g/m2 depending on the size of the plant.

Application time:

Spring (March-April) - Summer (June-July)

Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
8594019503314 3 l 300 ks

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