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Horticerit – Lawn fertiliser with cererit 3-in-1

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Horticerit – 3-in-1 lawn fertiliser is a special mixed granulated compound NPK fertiliser with magnesium, sulphur and iron (+MgO, +S) 9-3-3 (+2, +10) with iron), which provides three bonuses in one product: grass nutrition, suppression of the growth of most mosses and soil pH correction.

Kyblik Horticerit 3v1 382x397


  • 3 bonuses in one fertiliser – complete nutrition, moss removal, pH correction
  • Saves the cost of 3 products     
  • Prevents chlorosis – leaf yellowing


Used for all types of intensively grown lawns.


Recommended dose of 60 g/m2. Apply by spreading over ground.

Time of application: Recommended time of application is from March to September. Lawns should be treated max 2x per year, at least 42 days apart.

Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
8594019503512 9,5 kg 48

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