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Cererit is a chloride-free granular fertilizer with trace elements (NPK (+ MgO + S) 8-13-11 (+2, +15) Sb, Cu, Mo and Zn) intended for nutrition of fruits, vegetables, hop and ornamental plants.

cererit 3kg original


  • a fertilizer from the Czech manufacturer with the longest tradition in the Czech market
  • a chloride-free granular fertilizer with trace elements

Intended use: The fertilizer is suitable for growing vegetables, fruit and ornamental shrubs, perennials and other garden plants. This is a chloride-free fertilizer very suitable for all plants that are sensitive to chlorine. Plants that are sensitive to chlorine include fruit trees, grapevine, currants, potatoes, tomatoes, tobacco, legumes, cucumbers, onion, hemp and most species of Brassicaceae.


Recommended dose in grams per m2 area:

vegetables: cruciferous vegetables 40-100, root vegetables 20-60, fruiting vegetables 40-60, potatoes 30-50, fruits: pome fruits 50-60, stone fruits 30-50, small fruits 30-100, ornamental plants 10-30, hops 20-60.

It is applied by incorporation into the soil during the preparation for sowing or planting, and when used for additional fertilization during the growing season, it is recommended to split the dose of the fertilizer and use 2/3 of the dose before planting (seeding) as a basic fertilizer and 1/3 of the dose as additional fertilizer during the growing season. According to the length of the growing season, the dose of additional fertilization can be split, as well.

Application time:

Basic fertilization before sowing and planting, additional fertilization during the growing season.

Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
8594019501419 1 kg 600 St 15 St
8594019501433 3 kg 300 St
8594019501457 5 kg 180 St
8594019501402 10 kg 90 St
--- 25 kg 40 St

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