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Lime nitrogen

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Lime nitrogen is a multipurpose slow-acting granular nitrogen-calcium fertilizer. It is suitable for preparation of soil in greenhouses and beds before planting.



  • the high content of calcium and organically bound nitrogen supports natural fertility of the soil
  • has positive effects on plant growth and development, increases the availability of calcium for plants
  • eliminates or repels animal pests in the soil (eelworms, snails, gall midges, grubs, wireworms, etc.)
  • the use of lime nitrogen reduces weeds – kills germinating weeds and weed seeds
  • eliminates causative organisms of fungal diseases (e.g. clubroot)
  • accelerates the maturation of composts, this fertilizer completely decomposes and leaves no residues

Intended use:

It is used for fertilizing vegetables, berries, strawberries, potatoes, fruit trees. Further, it is used to restore grasslands and for composting and soil disinfection.

Dosage: Basic fertilization (above 50 g/m2) – 2 to 3 weeks before sowing or planting, lime nitrogen should be thrown over the area and incorporated into the soil.

Application time: Early spring (late February to April) or autumn (October-November). The required time window of several days or weeks should be followed between the date of application of the fertilizer and sowing or planting.

Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
8594019501488 3 kg 300 St

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