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Horticote – universal fertilizer with controlled release of nutrients

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Each application of the fertilizer with controlled release of nutrients in the form of granules delivers a steady supply of the required nutrients (NPK 14-9-15 + 2 MgO) for up to 6 months. The fertilizer is easily applied and thanks to the gradual release of nutrients, it is highly utilized by the plant. Nutrient release rate is subject only to the soil temperature. Nutrients are released more rapidly at higher temperatures, and slowly at lower temperatures, thus complying with the nutritional requirements of the plants.



  • each application ensures delivery of nutrients to the plants for up to six months
  • saves time and money for other fertilizers
  • use for all kinds of plants

Intended use:

The fertilizer can be used for all kinds of plants – annuals, balcony plants, roses, vegetables, fruit and ornamental trees and others.

Dosage: The respective doses of the fertilizer vary according to the plant type. The basic dose for small plants is 5 grams.

Application time:

Throughout the growing season, but preferably before planting

Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
8594019501860 1 kg 480 12
8594019502959 0,5 kg 10

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