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Ground limestone

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Limestone regulates the soil pH, stabilizes the soil structure, enhances biological activity of the soil, allows better management of soil moisture. Magnesium content has favorable effects on chlorophyll production. It is primarily suitable for application on medium and light soils and grasslands. It serves as a neutralizing material against the effects of acidic industrial air pollutants.



  • supports better use of fertilizers
  • improves crop quality

Intended use:

Limestone is used as a fertilizer for gradual adjustment of soil reaction, to improve the physicochemical properties of the soil.


Dose of the fertilizer is governed by pH, soil type and crop requirements. It is not suitable for acidophilic (calciphobic) plants.

Application time:

It is used in the autumn after harvest or in the spring before sowing every three years.

Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
8594019501358 5 kg 180 St
--- 25 kg 40 St

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