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Granulated potassium sulphate

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Potassium sulfate is a fertilizer containing water-soluble potassium oxide (50%) and 18% sulfur. It is suitable for plants that are sensitive to chlorine. Chlorine-sensitive plants include: fruit trees, grapevine, currants, potatoes, tomatoes, tobacco, legumes, cucumbers, onion, hemp and most cruciferous vegetables (species of the family Brassicaceae).



  • granular form of the fertilizer allowing easy application

Intended use:

This fertilizer is used primarily to fertilize potatoes, sunflowers, vegetables, grapevine, fruit trees and conifers.


Recommended dosage – the dose in grams/10 m2: grapevine, conifers, fruit trees 200-400, peas and beans 200-250, onion and green leafy vegetables 200-250, fruiting vegetables 300-400, potatoes 500-700, sunflowers 400-600.

Application time:

The best time for application is during the pre-sowing or pre-planting soil preparation.

Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
8594019506735 3 kg 300 St
--- 25 kg 40 St

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