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Fertilizer for ornamental trees

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This fertilizer provides balanced nutrition (NPK (+ MgO) 12-5-17 (+6) + microelements) and healthy growth of all kinds of conifer trees, but also ornamental trees and shrubs.



  • balanced nutrition, increased magnesium content prevents leaf yellowing and browning of conifers (thujas)
  • 100% solubility, package preventing dampening of fertilizers
  • nutrients including microelements in chelated form are present in a readily available and highly effective form for the plants

Intended use: The fertilizer is suitable for ornamental trees, both deciduous and coniferous, (thuja, cypress, juniper, hornbeam, maples, oaks, pines and others).


Prepare the solution by mixing 20 g of the fertilizer (2 cups) in 10 liters of water. The recommended consumption of the solution is 10 liters per 5 m2 area. Apply to a slightly moist surface of the soil. The fertilizer is also suitable for foliar fertilization by spraying or watering at a dose of 5 grams of the fertilizer (1/2 cup) per 10 liters of water. Foliar application should be avoided under direct sunlight. Application time: We should fertilize every 14 days from April until the end of August. At the end of the growing season, use Autumn Nutrition, which promotes maturation of tissues and better overwintering of plants.

Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
8594019501556 0,5 kg 768 St 10 St

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