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The fertilizer is specially designed according to the needs of grapevine plants. The optimum ratio of nutrients (NPK (+MgO) 16-5-20 (+4)) including microelements meets the demands for healthy growth and development of plants and provides a rich harvest of high-quality grapes. The fertilizer is also highly suitable for foliar feeding and it can be combined with plant protection products.



  • increased potassium content has favorable effects on the length of storage after harvesting grapes, while magnesium content improves the taste of grapes
  • 100% solubility, package preventing dampening of fertilizers
  • nutrients including microelements in chelated form are present in a readily available and highly effective form for the plants

Intended use:

The fertilizer is intended for fertilization of grapevine.


The application solution should be prepared by dissolving 10 g of the fertilizer in 10 liters of water. The recommended dose is 5-10 liters of the solution to the seedling. The fertilizer can be used for foliar application.

Application time:

The recommended frequency of additional fertilization is no more than once weekly in the growing season (April to August) depending on soil conditions. The spray can be applied before flowering twice at fortnightly intervals, and 3 times after the end of flowering. Do not apply during the flowering period.

Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
8594019502164 0,5 kg 768 10

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