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Garden grass mixture

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The Garden Grass Mixture is composed of grass species and varieties, which form a low, fine-leaf, dark green vegetation. It provides rapid development, good ability to resist weeds and good integration into existing lawns. Composition: ryegrass 2n 50%, Kentucky bluegrass 5%, red fescue DV 25%, red fescue T 20%.

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  • the lawn is outstanding due to its representative appearance
  • rich dark green color of leaves throughout the year
  • grass mixtures are supplied by a Czech company with a long tradition
  • proven formulation

Intended use:

The mixture is suitable for establishing lawns in residential houses and representative lawns.


0.5 kg/20 m2

Application time:

Throughout the growing season, but preferably in the spring and autumn.

Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
8594019500566 0,5 kg 420 14
8594019500573 1 kg 300 10
8594019500580 2 kg 100 ---
8594019500597 4 kg 80 ---
8594019500603 25 kg 24 ---

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