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Nonwoven fabric – white 17 g/m2

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This fabric is made from a white textile tissue with density 17 g/m2. It provides strength, quality and UV stability.

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  • protects against frost, hailstorm and gusts of wind
  • protects against temperature fluctuations
  • reduces the consumption of chemicals
  • protects against pests and grazing animals
  • water-permeable

Intended use:

A white non-woven fabric is used in particular to cover newly seeded or planted plants susceptible to frost and temperature fluctuations. It is also used to cover autumn roses, rhododendrons and ornamental and fruit trees at risk of freezing.

Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
8594019501181 1,6x5 m 50 St
8594019501198 1,6x10 m 25 St
8594019501211 1,6x100 m 1 Rolle
8594019501242 3,2x5 m 25 St
8594019501266 3,2x10 m 15 St

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