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Soil for azaleas

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Soil for azaleas and rhododendrons is produced from a mixture of high-quality transition and low-moor peats of suitable acidity, ‘white’ peat, graded silica sand and multi-component mineral fertiliser with trace elements. The soil has a lower pH. It is used for planting azaleas, rhododendrons and Canadian blueberries.

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Chemical and physical properties

Moisture content in % weight, max. 65.0
Combustible material in dried specimen in % weight, min. 60.0
pH value (aqueous extract) 3.5–5.5
Content of particles over 20 mm in % weight, max. 5.0
Electrical conductivity in mS/cm (aqueous extract 1:25), max. 1.0



BigBale 2,5 m3


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