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Substrate for sowing and pricking out

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This substrate is produced from a mixture of high-quality, very fi ne white peats.


Extent and method of use
This substrate is suitable for sowing and thinning out all types of vegetables and fl owers. It is used for sowing vegetable and plant seeds in trays, boxes and seedling trays. It is particularly suitable for fully automated sowing methods.


Chemical and physical properties

Moisture content in % weight, max. 65,0
Combustible in dried specimen in % weight, min. 80,0
pH value (aqueous extract) 5,0 - 6,5
Electrical conductivity in mS.cm-1 *) max. 0,8
*) in aqueous extract 1w:25v  






Light peat          100 %     
Fertiliser  PG-mix
Wetting agent Fiba – Zorb
Dolomitic limestone  


Bag 250 l 
Big Bag 2 m3 
Big Bag 3 m3 
Big Bale 2.5 m3 
Big Bale 5 m3 

Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
3,5 m3
6 m3

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