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Ammonium sulfate

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Ammonium sulfate contains at least 20.6% long-acting ammonium nitrogen together with 23% of sulfur in water-soluble form. It is incorporated into the soil immediately after throwing. When fertilizing fruit trees, it is suitable to combine with phosphoric and potassium fertilizers.



  • nitrogen fertilizer with a significant sulfur content, nitrogen is contained in the ammonium form, which ensures a gradual action
  • the physiological acidity of this fertilizer also contributes, in part, to a better release of phosphorus and some mineral compounds in the soil

Intended use:

It is very beneficial in growing potatoes and crops requiring a high sulfur content, such as onion vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, or horseradish. It has an acid reaction and therefore ammonium sulfate is less suitable for acid soils than nitrates. It is the most suitable nitrogen fertilizer on alkaline soils.


Onion vegetables 30-40 g/m2, cauliflower, kohlrabi 40 g/m2, Savoy cabbage, cabbage, Brussels sprouts 60 g/m2, potatoes 50 g/m2, fruit trees, small fruits 20-30 g/m2 (during full fertility, the dosage should be increased by 10-20 g/m2).

Application time:

It is used for all crops during the spring soil preparation.

Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
8594019506834 3 kg 300 St
--- 25 kg 40 St

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