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Substrate for tomatoes and peppers

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This substrate for tomatoes and peppers is made from high quality graded peat and organic fertilisers. It does not contain industrial fertiliser, and so meets all conditions for organic cultivation. It is suitable for growing all tomato and pepper varieties.

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  • Contains 2 types of unique organic fertilisers from a renowned producer made from a wide spectrum of raw materials. This ensures gradual long-term nutrient release and the patented microgranulation technology means the fertiliser is dispersed within the substrate in an ideal and balanced way
  • Good water storage capacity and positive self-heating
  • The substrate structure ensures good air access to the roots – with a positive impact on seedling emergence and root formation


Used to grow all varieties of tomatoes and peppers. This substance need not be mixed with any other soil. It is particularly suitable to use this substrate in grow pots and bags, where it is important to ensure there are sufficient drainage holes and organic fertiliser nutrients are added to the substrate during vegetation.

Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
8594019503437 20 l 120

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