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History, Present

Dear customers,

Rašelina a.s. has been operating on the Czech market for almost seventy years now. 

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Over the past fi ve years, the garden product market has transformed – it is highly competitive, with the amount of products on off er continuously expanding, and customer service, marketing and logistics also increasing in quality. Price pressure has also increased, which has often led producers to undertake effi ciency measures which frequently result in a decline in the quality of products off ered. Because we have never wanted to go down this path, we have gone through an extensive restructuring, innovation and investment process over the past two years, whose results we now bring you:

• In 2013-2015, we managed and co-fi nanced the construction of a new production site for the harvesting and processing of peat in Belarus. In so doing, we acquired a high-quality raw materials base for our products, which we hereby off er. Our objective was to boost our position in the production of a large amount of professional and hobby substrates.

• We are newly bringing to the market a complete assortment of premium- range substrates with a guaranteed black peat content of the transition and high-moor type, which eliminates the use of chemical
wetting agents.

• We have begun the use of new technology – a mixing and packaging line for our range of hobby and pro fertilisers.

• We have expanded our range of multi-component (blended) HortiCerit mineral fertilisers to include three great products with high added value.

• We have launched a natural plant growth promotion product which helps in planting and growing under the AlgaHumin brand, which is based on an improved recipe for the very popular Lignohumin plant growth promotion product.

• And last but not least, we have optimised our own logistics service to ensure we can deliver goods of any amount, including minimal amounts, to our customers in max. D+2 mode, a mixing and packaging line for our range of hobby and pro fertilisers.

• You can order our whole product range with home delivery throughout the Czech Republic or Slovakia using our web application www.raselina.cz or our new e-shop, or in the standard way via our sales representatives or directly from our Sales Department (obchod@raselina.cz), where we will be happy to take care of you.

I have honoured a number of principles throughout my professional life:

• I care for company employees and support their development.
• I support the development of our company.
• I respect customers’ wishes.
• I don’t speak ill of our competitors.

I know that in the long-term these are meaningful and benefi cial principles, even though sometimes not everything turns out quite as I had anticipated. I trust my people, the company, and you, our customers.
I look forward to working with you further.

Rostislav Staněk
Chair of the Board, Rašelina a.s.