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Farmer's hen manure, organic fertilizer

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Farmer's hen manure is a pelleted organic fertilizer, which is made from aerobically fermented chicken droppings and subsequently stabilized by drying. The chicken manure used is from free range sources. The fertilizer is suitable for plants requiring organic fertilizers (in particular vegetables).



  • certified by Biokont, an independent organization, as a product suitable for organic farming
  • contains essential nutrients and trace elements for good growth and development of flowers and fruits
  • nutrients are released gradually and evenly throughout the growing season to limit their leaching
  • supplied as pellets for easy handling
  • contains no germinable weed seeds

Intended use:

Hen manure is suitable for fertilizing vegetables, houseplants and balcony plants and can be used for planting trees and shrubs, or for basic fertilization of lawns and sports fields.


For basic fertilization, it is recommended to use 1.5 to 3 kg per 10 m2

Application time:

Fertilization before the planting.

Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
8594019501723 3 kg 200 St -
8594019502126 12 kg 60 -

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