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Keratin is an organic nitrogen fertilizer (14% of organically bound nitrogen) suitable for nutrition of vegetables, flowers and aquatic plants. As a major source of nitrogen, it is suitable for all crops with an increased demand for nitrogen. In addition to nitrogen, it contains a small amount of other nutrients. Due to the gradual release of nitrogen into the soil, the effects of keratin are guaranteed over the entire growing season.



  • easy application – by throwing with shallow incorporation into the soil with subsequent watering
  • contributes to humus production, which leads to increased soil fertility
  • nutrients are released slowly and evenly
  • it has beneficial effects on the environment
  • it can be used for composting as a source of nitrogen

Intended use:

It is used for preparing the soil before sowing and planting of vegetables and flowers and for growing aquatic plants.


Keratine is used primarily in the spring or autumn, but can be used during the growing season as well. When using the medium dose, the optimum quantity is 60 g per 1 m2 in normal soils, or 80 g per 1 m2 in poor soils. At the same time, it also increases the biological activity of the soil. 

Application time:

During the entire growing season.

Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
8594019500351 1 kg 480 St 12 St

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