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Horse manure – pelleted

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Horse manure is a pelleted organic fertilizer made from horse manure and bedding via a drying process and subsequent pelletization. It contains organic substances, essential nutrients and trace nutrients. The nutrients are released gradually, improving thermal and air properties of the soil and the soil structure. All this results in good rooting of plants. The fertilizer has universal gardening and growing use. It is mainly used for basic fertilization before planting.



  • easy use – the fertilizer is supplied as pellets
  • gradual release of nutrients
  • increases the humus content in the soil and contributes to improved fertility
  • contains no germinable weed seeds


The fertilizer is mainly used for basic fertilization before planting of vegetables; it is also very suitable for fertilizing flowerbeds or preparing the soil before planting of trees and shrubs. The fertilizer is thrown over the surface evenly and incorporated into the soil.

Recommended dosage:

Basic fertilization before planting per 10 m2

Fertilization of soil in the greenhouse before planting per 10 m2

Dose per box (50 cm) of balcony plants

1.5–3 kg

2–4 kg

0.2–0.3 kg

Roses and perennials in grams per plant

Vegetables and fruits in grams per plant

Conifers and other ornamental shrubs in grams per plant

100–200 g

300–400 g

600–800 g

Application time: In the spring before planting and during the growing season.

Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
8594019501891 3 200
8594019502119 10 60

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