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Decorative Pine bark

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A top-quality pine bark, free of added fibers, produced exclusively from maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) in the Galician mountains. It guarantees the unique qualities, such as color, freshness, structure, size and flavor. The bark is free of any additives.

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  • longer durability than common bark: 4 to 5 years
  • prevents germination and growth of weeds
  • supports plant growth
  • creates a stable soil microclimate
  • reduces water loss through evaporation

Intended use:

Due to its decorative appearance, it will draw attention of all plant and attraction lovers. It is used in ornamental flower beds, around trees and hedges, paths and slopes. Or to cover boxes, flower pots and for other final decorative adjustments of the interior and exterior surfaces.

Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
8585041869554 70 l - 15/25 mm 39 St
8585041869578 70 l - 40/60 mm 39 St
8585041869585 70 l - 60/100 mm 39 St
8585033577627 70 l - 8/15mm 39
8585041869561 70 l - 25/40 mm 39

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