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AlgaHumin is an extract from lowland peat, which contains a high content of humic substances, and brown seaweed. Brown seaweed is a bonus for plants as it delivers biologically active substances (enzymes, amino acids and plant hormones, such as auxins, gibberellins or cytokinins, and growth substances that support the development of the root system, leaves, stems, flowering and fruit development) and the amount of nutrients including trace elements. As a result, the plants grow better. Humic substances facilitate the transportation of nutrients to the plant. algaHumin has a beneficial and comprehensive effect on plants. It supports their rooting, growth and flowering, increases the natural defense against abiotic stress, and improves regeneration in case of damage. Repeated application of the product improves the fitness of plants and increases their yield and quality.

lahev Algahumin


  • high percentage of humic substances
  • addition of brown seaweed as a source of nutrients and biologically active substances
  • one package can be used for up to 500 or 1000 liters of watering, depending on to the pack size
  • better utilization of nutrients => reduced consumption of fertilizers
  • improves defense capacity, yield and quality of plants

Intended use: algaHumin is used on all types of plants, including potted plants, balcony plants, annuals, vegetables, fruit trees, ornamental trees, perennials, orchids, or conifers. It can be applied with the watering or by foliar spraying or seed dressing before sowing or bulb treatment before planting. algaHumin can be combined with various mineral fertilizers depending on the type and requirements of the plants.


Watering: 10-20 ml of algaHumin per 10 liters of water. During the growing period, we provide watering once to twice in 2 weeks.

Foliar application: 10 ml of algaHumin per 10 liters of water. During the growing season, provide foliar application once to twice in 2 weeks. Avoid foliar application under direct sunlight.

Seed dressing and bulb treatment: 5 ml of algaHuminu per 1 liter of water for 2 to 4 hours. It is recommended that the remaining solution be diluted 2 to 4 times and applied with the watering.

Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
8594019503239 0,5 l 896 ks 8 ks
8594019503246 1 l 512 ks 8 ks

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