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Growth stimulator for medicinal and aromatic plants

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This growth stimulator for medicinal and aromatic herbs promotes root formation and general plant growth. It is produced through a managed water extraction process from low-land peat enriched with brown algae Ascophyllum nodosum. The product contains a mixture of humic and fulvic acids, other biologically active substances and a certain amount of nutrients including trace elements in a form easily absorbed by plants.

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  • Promotes root formation, growth and blossoming
  • Increases natural defences against abiotic stress, improves regeneration following damage
  • Repeated application of this product improves the condition of plants grown and increases their yield and quality


This stimulator is marked out by its universal use for all medicinal and aromatic plants such as lemon balm, mind, camomile, thyme and others. Applied by adding to water, or direct application to leaves. The product is also very suitable as seed dressing before sowing.


Watering: 10-20 ml stimulator per 10 l water. During vegetation, apply in water 1 – 2x per 14 days.

Time of application:

Used over the whole course of vegetation.

Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
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