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Hydrosorb plus

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Do not be surprised by drought. Hydrosorb Plus maintains the growing substrate sufficiently moist for several days even at high temperatures. This soil conditioner contains three basic components: – a water retention substance ensuring high retention (retentiveness) of water and nutrients in all types of soils. The essential water-retention substances are ground natural minerals and wood fiber. – organo-mineral fertilizer NPK 8–3–5 – mineral component (lava).



  • flowers in a substrate containing Hydrosorb plus last longer without watering
  • the water-retention substance has the ability to bind water and dissolved nutrients when water is present in excess amounts (rain, irrigation). Subsequently, it gradually releases water for the plants, thereby reducing water consumption and frequency of watering
  • the basis of the organo-mineral fertilizer consists of malt sprouts, and in addition to basic nutrients, the fertilizer also contains a variety of vitamins, enzymes and plant hormones, which have positive effects on the development of the root system, flowering and fruit ripening
  • the mineral component (lava) improves air access to the roots and prevents their decay, thereby ensuring better uptake of water and nutrients

Intended use:

The product is suitable for balcony plants, most garden plants, forest plants, sports lawns, and trees on reclaimed areas. It is also used for potted indoor plants. The greatest effect is achieved in combination with mycorrhizal products.


Hydrosorb Plus is applied to the bottom of the planting pit at a dose of 20 g per 1 liter of the root ball. In the case of large application, the product is incorporated into the soil about 10 to 15 cm below the surface at a dose from 0.2 to 1.0 kg per m2. Furthermore, the appropriate substrate can be mixed with Hydrosorb Plus at a ratio of about 50-100 g per 10 liters of the substrate. The mixture obtained can be used for planting and as a normal substrate. After planting, the plants should be watered thoroughly.

Application time:

Before planting.


Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
8594019502218 1 kg - 4

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