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Bark substrate for orchids

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Bark substrate for orchids is a special substrate made of high quality pine bark, specially modified coconut husks (coco chips) and added charcoal. If you want to find what is really the best for your orchid, do not hesitate to choose this substrate for growing.

Orchidej 5l taska


  • a substrate produced in cooperation with experts from the Botanical Garden
  • sufficient aeration provides an ideal environment for epiphytic orchids
  • protects plants from drying and helps the good development of the root system
  • addition of finely ground charcoal has disinfecting effects and serves as a prevention against root rot


Intended use:

Pour a thin layer of the substrate to the bottom of the planting container, gently place the plant roots and pour the substrate around. The first fertilization will be performed with the first watering.

Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
8594019501617 5 l 120 St

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