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Geranium substrate

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Geranium substrate is made from high-quality sorted peat with the addition of mineral fertilizers and calcium ingredients. It is intended for replanting and growing of geranium / pelargonium and other balcony flowers with similar requirements. It is also suitable for growing geraniums in pots, balcony (window) boxes and stoneware troughs.



  • contains fertilizers for several weeks
  • good access of air to the roots of plants
  • good retaining capacity of reservoir water
  • favorable heat-retaining capacity even at lower ambient temperatures
  • accelerates rooting of plants, promotes good development of the root system

Intended use:

The substrate is suitable for growing geraniums and other balcony plants with similar requirements. The first fertilization should be performed about 3-4 weeks after planting.

Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
8594019501136 40 l 54 -

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