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Farmer’s compost

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Industrial compost is an organic fertiliser produced by the homogenisation and composting of material containing biodegradable organic matter and plant nutrients. It adds organic matter, microorganisms for restoring the soil’s biological activity and basic nutrients to the soil. The compost’s pH value helps restore balance in acidic soils.

Vitahum Farmasky kompost 50 l 302x646


  • Improves the structure of lightweight, particularly sandy soils, improving their ability to hold moisture and preventing nutrient loss
  • Corrects unsuitable density in dense soils, correcting insufficient aeration.
  • Adds the correct amount of nutrients needed for plant growth.


Used as fertiliser when laying lawns, planting greenery, establishing vegetable, garden and fruit crops, nurseries and gardens. Also used to improve soil, field, garden, hotbed and greenhouse properties, when planting trees and ornamental bushes (except acidophilous plants) and when setting up vineyards and hop fields.


When fertilising soils, a dose of 30 to 50 tons per hectare is applied (3 to 5 kg per 1 m2) once every three years. When setting up vineyards and hop fields, a single dose of 100 to 120 tons of compost per hectare is applied. The maximum application is 20 tons of dry matter/ha over the course of 3 years.

Time of application: Generally applied in autumn; the compost must be incorporated into the soil immediately following application.

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