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Garden and flower soil

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This soil is made by mixing and sorting of peat, compost and lime fertilizers. It is a universal soil with adequately adjusted organic matter content, appropriate soil acidity, containing the required amount of basic and trace nutrients.

zemina zahradni 60L


  • accelerates rooting and development of the root system
  • provides good access of air to the roots
  • good retention capacity for reservoir water

Intended use:

It is suitable for growing flowers (balcony, annual and indoor), garden plants and vegetables. Mixing with about 10% sand is recommended for growing certain species of flowering plants that are particularly demanding for light to medium soils (e.g. all kinds of palm trees). When using in the garden, it is recommended to mix the substrate with the original soil in a 3:2 ratio per 1 m2 surface.

Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
8594019500337 40 l 54 St
8594019503505 60 l 45 -

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