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Garden peat

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Natural peat is suitable for general improvement of garden soils, their loosening, lightening, aeration and pH adjustment. Peat is a pure, natural product without any additives.

Raselina Premium 60 l mala


  • keeps the soil aerated and friable
  • helps attract the sun's rays, thereby supporting the heating of the soil
  • promotes good growth and development of abundant roots and flowers
  • retains moisture in the soil and protects it from drying. Enriches the soil with organic substances, improves retention of nutrients for plants and prevents their leaching into the groundwater

Intended use:

To improve the soil, mix 30 to 70 liters of peat with the original soil per 10 m2 area. When planting, mix original soil with peat in a 1:1 ratio and water profusely.

Peat is suitable for lightening the soil and growing acidophilic plants, such as conifers, highbush blueberry, ericaceous plants and others.

Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
8594019503161 60 l 45 ks

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