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Garden substrate a For sowing, propagation and plant cutting

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The substrate is produced from a mixture of peat, finely ground limestone and compound mineral fertilizer Cererit. Garden substrate A is suitable for hobby sowing, package planting and for sowing over large areas. It is also suitable for root development in plant cuttings and other methods of plant propagation.



  • ensures favorable seed germination and good growth of young seedlings
  • no need to fertilize during pre-growing of seedlings
  • friable and aerated
  • proven formula with a long tradition
  • contains no germinable weed seeds and pest germs

Intended use:

The substrate is used as the growth environment for sown plants and plants propagated by cutting or layering. It is suitable for vegetables, garden plants, and ornamental and fruit trees.

Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
8594019500238 10 l 152 St
8594019501228 20 l 120 St
8594019500221 50 l 51 St
8594019500214 70 l 36 St

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