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Ceramsite 8–16 mm

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Ceramsite is made of expanded clay granules with a smooth surface finish. It is intended for decorative covering of the substrates and soils on the surface of flower pots, for anchoring artificial plants and other designers' works. It is used in hydroponic cultivation of plants.



  • when used to cover the soil, it prevents the soil from drying, suitable as appropriate drainage, easy use
  • 100% natural ceramic granulate
  • optimal hydroponic substrate and a part of nutritional substrates, neutral pH
  • free of microbial germs, sterile
  • prevents weed growth
  • can be reused

Intended use: Ceramsite is used for decorative covering of the soil in pots, such as filling in hydroponic containers for the overall esthetic completion of the interior, in shops for arrangements of windows and exhibitions, on graves, around ornamental trees, into fountains, and so on. It is also suitable as sound and thermal insulation in the construction business and in the construction of roof gardens.

Product packages

EAN Volume On palette Composite packaging
8594019500788 5 l 180 St
8594019500795 20 l 90 St

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