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Garden substrate B

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Garden substrate B is a basic universal substrate produced from a mixture of high-quality peats, NPK fertiliser with trace elements and fi nely ground dolomitic limestone. It is used for planting trees and bushes in gardens. Vegetables can also be successfully grown in the substrate in greenhouses or plastic tunnels.

MG 9672

Chemical and physical properties

Moisture content in % weight, max. 65.0
Combustible material in dried specimen in % weight, min. 55.0
pH value (aqueous extract) 5.0–6.5
Content of particles over 20 mm in % weight, max. 5.0
Electrical conductivity in mS/cm (aqueous extract 1:25), max. 1.2



BigBale 2,5 m3

BigBag 2 m3/ 3 m3


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